The Road from Financial Stress to Financial Freedom


It’s 8:00 am in the morning and your first meeting is supposed to start in 15 minutes. It’s already starting to look like a stressful day with many tasks requiring your attention. The stack of bills on your table keeps increasing. What would happen if you were to lose your job today? To many, this might sound like a typical morning.

Even though the weekend should be a time for relaxation, it can sometimes be even worse than Monday-Friday — with so much backlog to cover and a list of errands to complete.

When your hands are financially tied, scenarios like these can weigh heavily on your mind. Not only can they heavily impact your emotional state, but also your physical health.

Now is the time for us to talk about and reflect on how financial stress impacts your life.

What is Financial Stress?

When talking about someone’s health, we usually take into account mental, physical, and financial health. When one of these is strained, that person is under stress.

To put it in simpler terms, financial stress is the impact that economic problems have on an individual’s overall health and especially mental health. Problems such as these can induce anxiety, worry, and a ‘sense of scarcity’. These may often impact the individual’s physical health, their overall emotional state, while work performance also suffers greatly.

Researchers have analysed the physiological effects observed post the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and some of the effects included: headachesbackachesulcersincreased blood pressuredepression, and anxiety. In fact, it has been reported that at least 72% of Americans feel financially stressed at minimum ‘some of the time’.

Naturally, due to the pandemic and post-pandemic financial and economic concerns, these effects have only been amplified. However, this is not the only impact the pandemic has had on people’s financial conditions:

  • Many people have lost their jobs and their only source of income;
  • Many businesses have been shut down;
  • Despite businesses reopening, they now have to deal with the problem of a negative balance sheet due to the months spent in lockdown.

How can you deal with financial problems when these stressors are increasing by the day? By developing your financial intelligence.

What is Financial Intelligence?

The cure for financial stress is financial intelligence — setting things in order and making worries disappear.

Some people believe financial intelligence lies in detailed planning, such as managing assets, thinking about retirement, managing debt, or how to fund their children’s education.

Others believe that financial intelligence means increasing your income and reducing your expenses. While increasing your income doesn’t happen overnight, you can start reducing your expenses today.

Reading articles on developing financial intelligence and taking courses to further your financial education is helpful in the long term, but this won’t be enough to make you achieve financial freedom.

Putting financial intelligence into practice can be as simple as reducing expenses or investing in assets that have better yields. A few steps towards enhancing it include:

  1. Understanding how money works;
  2. Taking count of your assets and liabilities;
  3. Creating a plan to reduce your liabilities;
  4. Setting a short-term and long-term plan for saving money;
  5. Understanding investment — commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and bonds;
  6. Creating an investment strategy that works best for you.

Managing Stress and Developing Financial Intelligence — Financial Freedom

True financial freedom is not hard to achieve if you understand investments and how the financial markets work.

However, this does mean you will have to spend time scouring through large amounts of data available online — a task that can seem quite daunting at first. You are likely to make mistakes in the beginning, especially due to the aforementioned stressors weighing heavily on you. These errors can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This is where Welthee comes in.

We aim to make investing easy for everyone and believe in making the path of investment accessible to our investors, regardless of their lack of experience in the field. We are able to help you by overcoming the seven major deterrents to profits that you might face:

  1. Market volatility — we understand it and know how to find our way around it;
  2. Lack of diversification — we don’t believe in overconcentration but in strategic placement of funds in financially rewarding portfolios;
  3. Hacking — we understand the risks and are constantly taking steps to prevent it;
  4. Emotional decisions — we believe it is our duty to help minimize emotional decisions that could be harmful to our investors;
  5. Scams — they can seem, and often are, too good to be true;
  6. High commissions — these fees make investing with small accounts near impossible but we make investing accessible to everyone;
  7. Too much risk — Welthee allows you to choose your own risk level.

Welthee is based on a patent-pending risk mitigation method that allows you to invest with up to 0% risk, based on your wishes, with a variety of portfolios with diversified assets to choose from, as well as its very own token. The Welthee platform is highly secure and user-friendly. It offers accounts for passive and active investors and has a zero-entry threshold and zero fees. The platform does not hold any assets, giving you full control of your finances through your device. More so, Welthee minimizes emotional decisions by using fully automated portfolios, making it impossible to intervene or make any changes after the initial decision.

On your own, a single investment mistake can take you back months, if not years. However, we believe that with the right strategy, we can spare you the effort and provide multiple streams of income, helping you reach financial freedom and easing your worries.

About Welthee

Welthee is a disruptive, zero commission, and up to 0% risk wealth creation platform, that empowers users with access to multiple streams of income, providing an environment where entry-level and experienced investors join forces for the greater good.

Welthee is the Future of Financial Freedom.

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