Let your money work for you


(2) why should money work for you?

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We now continue our mini-series about money that works for us, and below I have gathered a few good reasons for why we should let our money work for us:

* Because this is how millionaireshave created their fortunes.

* Because you can do it. Technically speaking, your money can do it. 😊

* Because if it doesn’t do it, then you will do it until you die. Work, that is.

* Because this allows you to take as many holidays as you want, as long as you want them, whenever you want them. You’ll get bored of all that holiday time and want to go back to work. But this time, you’ll only work on what you want.

* Because this will give you the opportunity to choose your customers, employers (if that will still be the case) and line of work. As I mentioned before, you will have the option to do what you want, whenever you want, if you want to do it.

* Because nothing compares with the feeling you get when you realize that your money actually works for you and you can do whatever you want to do… or not do. 😊

* Because you will be free. Read that again: you will be free. To be more exact, you will obtain financial freedom, which is the ability to live the lifestyle that you want, without having to work for money or rely on anyone else. Financial freedom gives you the unique possibility to be the true master of your life and:

  • live where you want;
  • eat the food that you want at the restaurants that you want;
  • visit every place on Earth — or on Mars 😊, if you have sufficient funds;
  • help others that are dear to you or just help strangers;
  • take time to meditate/think about life;
  • grow a vegetable garden — or any kind of garden;
  • be a good person — everybody deep down inside wants to be a good person.

* Because money is just a tool and it needs to be used. Money is neither good nor bad. Money just is. And its purpose is to be used. It can be used for many things, but the best use is making even more money. That being said, I invite you to just let it do what it does best: grow.

* Because you have the option of choosing between being a money-making machine or owning a money-making machine that makes money while you sleep.

* Because this is the purpose of money: to flow / to move / to circulate. You have to understand that money is like water: if it flows (imagine a mountain river) then it is crystal clear and full of life, but if it stands still (imagine a pond with leftover rainwater) then it gets filthy and is no longer hospitable to life. It’s the same with money: if it doesn’t move it gets filthy and starts to smell bad. ☹

That is why money must move;

That is why money must work;

That is why money never sleeps.

* Because this is what Robert Kiyosaki teaches in his bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”: buy assets and let your money work for you. This is only one of the many books that promote the idea of having money working for you.

If we focus on only saving money, we will always be just a little bit behind the inflation rate; or, in the best-case scenario, that will be our reference point: the yearly inflation rate.

But if we take a part of that saved money and put it to work (we invest it), then we give it the opportunity to work for us instead of working ourselves, it will generate much more than the inflation rate.

Some say that you are only truly rich and independent when you can live from the interest that you receive from your deposits in the bank! In other words, only when you have money that works for you.

I agree with the above statement and I would like to add that, if you do not take care of the financial aspect of your life, problems therein can expand and affect all other aspects.

The final goal is to create a system that allows our money to work for us while we sleep. If we fail to find a way to let our money do this, then we will work until the day we die.

That’s not really a pleasant thought, is it?

Actually, I got this idea from a well-known quote originally made by a very famous investor: Warren Buffet. The original quote goes like this:

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.

When you are young, you work for money. When you are old, money works for you. And as you grow old, you only regret what you have not done. Make sure that ‘letting money work for you’ is not on that list of regrets.

Money should work for you because there will come a time in your life when you, yourself, will no longer be able to work. You will get tired, or bored, or no longer have the energy to do that work. On the other hand, money never gets tired or bored.

However, money needs to know which one of you is the master. Money can be good when you are the master — but it can also be evil when it’s in charge instead of you.

It’s just like having a big dog as a pet: if it’s trained and it knows that you are its master, it will listen to you and do what you tell him to do.

But if you have the same dog and it isn’t trained to know who its master is, it will act as though it is the master and this will generate a lot of trouble and headache for you. Also, it will challenge you periodically, just because you have not made it clear who the master is between the two of you.

Even if it likes to work for you instead of letting you work, money also demands to be respected. In every way possible.

As a lesson to take away, my warm recommendation is to treat all forms of money with the same amount of respect, regardless of whether it’s a 10 euro cent coin found on the ground or a check of 100,000 EUR from a lottery-winning ticket.

I do this myself, and when I see a small coin on the ground, I always pick it up and say “I’m a money magnet! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”. This is how I show my appreciation and this is also how I send the message that I know how to take care of money, in every form — and that I am ready to receive even more money!

Please keep in mind that money, in ways I cannot explain, has a sort of common conscience, and it knows who respects it and who does not. And it always goes where it is respected and appreciated!

In the next episode of this mini-series, we will see how your money should work for you.

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