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    Binance, KuCoin, OKX CEOs flex security amid Solana FUD storm

    Parallel to the ongoing investigations of the Solana fiasco, CZ warned investors of “an active security incident on Solana” that drained funds in SOL...

    BTC wholecoiners up by 40K since June crash began

    A sharp fall in the cryptocurrency's price in May and June appears to have coincided with the increase in wallet addresses holding more than...

    Crypto user who lost $163M in Bitcoin wants to deploy robot search party: Report

    Bitcoiner James Howells planned to speak with the Newport City Council in the coming weeks on a proposal to find his hard drive discarded...

    Zipmex resumes withdrawals for trade wallets

    The crypto exchange said it had $48 million in exposure with Babel Finance and $5 million with Celsius — both firms faced liquidity and...

    Hardware wallet industry to outstrip crypto exchanges: Report

    Global crypto exchange revenue is estimated to grow at a 13% CAGR by 2028, while the hardware wallet market is expected to exhibit a...

    Jed McCaleb empties XRP wallet after eight-year selloff

    XRP Scan shows the former Ripple founder’s “Tacostand” wallet has only $16 worth of XRP left at the time of writing.

    Why is there so much uncertainty in the crypto market right now? | Market...

    Why is there so much uncertainty in the crypto market right now? Join us as we try to figure it out with Tim Warren,...

    Major South Korean telecom company plans launch of blockchain wallet for crypto and NFTs

    In 2020, the company also launched a wallet for blockchain-powered digital certificate storage aimed at addressing ​​certifications amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Hodlers beware! New malware targets MetaMask and 40 other crypto wallets

    Users are warned against a new malware designed to steal crypto from browser extension wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet.

    El Salvador relaunches Chivo wallet, plans to deploy 1,500 Bitcoin ATMs

    Seeking a permanent solution for over 4 million BTC users, the government of El Salvador focuses on Chivo wallet’s stability and uptime, scalability and...

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    Talking with Eva Kaili, VP of the European Parliament, on MiCA regulation

    The vice president of the European Parliament shares her perspective on the European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets legislation and how it would affect the...

    Indian authorities freeze more crypto funds over money laundering allegations

    The Indian Directorate of Enforcement froze $46.4 million in the accounts of Vauld’s Indian branch until the exchange can account for the criminal proceeds...

    Crypto Biz: A Futurist take on crypto

    The 2022 Blockchain Futurist conference in Toronto, Canada wrapped up this week. DeFi and institutional adoption of crypto were high on the agenda.