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Acasă Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin

    Vitalik Buterin proposes stealth addresses for anonymous NFT ownership

    “You would be able to eg. send an NFT to vitalik.eth without anyone except me (the new owner) being able to see who the...

    Vitalik: Layer-2 scaling will make crypto payments ‘make sense’ again — KBW 2022

    “It's a vision that has been, I think, forgotten a little bit and I think one of the reasons why it has been forgotten...

    Ethereum Classic gets ‘endorsement’ from Vitalik Buterin, but ETC price still risks 50% crash

    ETC's ongoing price rebound looks eerily similar to a bull trap event from 2021.

    What are the long-terms goals for the Ethereum blockchain? Vitalik Buterin explains live at...

    For Buterin, building a better-decentralized ecosystem requires short-term pain for long-term gain.

    Ethereum devs confirm the perpetual date for The Merge

    Ethereum’s transition journey from PoW to PoS journey could take up to years as it began with the launch of Beacon Chain in December...

    Vitalik Buterin suggests making NFTs ‘soulbound’ like World of Warcraft items

    NFTs are known for their transferability and commercial viability, but there are also downsides to those features, according to Buterin.

    Crypto Stories: Vitalik Buterin talks creating Ethereum in previously unreleased 2014 interview

    Part of Cointelegraph's Crypto Stories on YouTube, the series highlights the power of crypto to change the lives of people all over the world....

    Industry players respond to Vitalik Buterin’s thoughts on cross-chain ecosystems

    "Interdependence between chains could create a domino effect that impacts multiple ecosystems if a single chain were to be attacked, but that certainly isn't...

    ‘We are 50% of the way there,’ says Vitalik on Ethereum’s development

    In a two-hour Bankless podcast episode, the Ethereum co-founder discussed his plans to make Eth2 succeed.

    Ethereum white paper predicted DeFi but missed NFTs: Vitalik Buterin

    Buterin still believes that “the internet of money should not cost more than 5 cents per transaction” and highlighted Ethereum’s continued efforts to improve...

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    Talking with Eva Kaili, VP of the European Parliament, on MiCA regulation

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    Indian authorities freeze more crypto funds over money laundering allegations

    The Indian Directorate of Enforcement froze $46.4 million in the accounts of Vauld’s Indian branch until the exchange can account for the criminal proceeds...

    Crypto Biz: A Futurist take on crypto

    The 2022 Blockchain Futurist conference in Toronto, Canada wrapped up this week. DeFi and institutional adoption of crypto were high on the agenda.