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    Bitcoin rallies after Fed interest rate hike, but bears can still win Friday’s $1.76B...

    BTC bears aim for a $360 million profit in July 29’s $1.76 billion monthly options expiry, but the FOMC interest rate decision could play...

    Resistance is futile! 3 reasons why Bitcoin mining will never go away

    Numerous governments have tried to ban Bitcoin mining, but data and insights from those in the mining industry suggest that this is easier said...

    Bank of Russia backs cross-border crypto payments vs. domestic trade

    Cryptocurrencies can be used in cross-border or international payments only if they don’t get into Russia’s domestic financial system, the Bank of Russia governor...

    NFT sales will fund the restoration of physical monuments in Ukraine

    “NFT will not stop Russian missiles, but blockchain technology will contribute to the economic recovery and development of Ukraine,” said Alexander Borniakov.

    Bulls or bears? Both have a fair chance in Friday’s Bitcoin options expiry

    BTC bulls aim to secure a $235 million profit from Friday’s BTC options expiry, but a downside move below $22,000 could nix this plan.

    ‘Token will defeat cryptocurrency’: Russia debuts palladium-backed stablecoin

    Backed by a sanctioned Russian oligarch, Atomyze became Russia’s first legal digital asset manager, obtaining registration from the central bank in February 2022.

    Vladimir Putin signs bill banning digital assets as payments into law

    Russia’s Parliament is also considering two other bills related to digital assets: regulating miners’ activities, and requirements for firms handling crypto transactions.

    US diplomats call on Japan’s crypto exchanges to cut ties to Russia: Report

    The FSA and Japan’s Finance Ministry previously warned crypto firms against processing transactions involving sanctioned individuals or entities, subject to fines or imprisonment.

    The Moscow Exchange is a good base for crypto trading, Russian lawmaker says

    MOEX is likely to do a great job in launching a crypto trading division due to its full compliance with the rules of the...

    Russian region struggles to keep up with Bitcoin mining energy demands

    A local energy distributor is working to recover about $800,000 from illicit cryptocurrency miners in Irkutsk Oblast.

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    Indian authorities freeze more crypto funds over money laundering allegations

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