duminică, octombrie 2, 2022
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    Decentralized technology will end the Web3 privacy conundrum

    The technical and log-jam issues preventing the advantages of Web3 privacy can be put to bed if the right solutions are adopted.

    Trezor removes controversial address verification protocol, other wallets follow suit

    One week after introducing the Address Ownership Proof Protocol, or AOPP, the hardware wallet company backtracked on its decision due to customer privacy concerns....

    This proof of concept NFT can swipe unsuspecting users’ IP addresses

    Turns out that some NFTs might be building collections of their own. Their target? Your private data.

    Crypto policy advocacy group warns of ‘disastrous’ provision in a new US bill

    According to Coin Center director, the proposed bill would essentially bypass existing checks and balances on the Treasury Secretary’s authority in surveilling financial institutions,...

    Secret Network offers $400M in funding to bring others in on the secret

    “With this funding, Secret Network and its partners aim to scale privacy-first, decentralized applications to global adoption by millions of users,” said Tor Bair,...

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    Terra could leave a similar regulatory legacy to that of Facebook’s Libra

    The algorithmic stablecoin ban has sparked a range of arguments in the crypto industry as it is being seen as a watershed moment.

    Bitcoin price starts ‘Uptober’ down 0.7% amid hope for final $20K push

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