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Bitcoin ‘gives back gains’ after Fed comments ‘add downside risks’ to crypto markets

Analysts foresee prolonged weakness in BTC and altcoins following hawkish comments from the Federal Reserve.

Două premiere la sfârșitul lunii ianuarie, la Teatrul Maghiar de Stat „Csiky Gergely” din...

Teatrul Maghiar de Stat „Csiky Gergely” din Timişoara încheie luna ianuarie cu două premiere. Joi, piesa „Csaba drops (Totul se va schimba!)”, scrisă şi...

Zuck got PUNKed — new Metaverse-linked ETF shorts Meta shares in holdings

“Facebook seems to be the antithesis of what actual consumers want their digital futures to look like,” said Subversive Capital Advisor founder Michael Auerbach.