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    3 key Ether derivatives metrics suggest $1,600 ETH support lacks strength

    Data shows Ether options traders are less bearish than before, but lower gas fees and smart contract deposits give ETH bulls little hope.

    Bitcoin bulls aim for $25K price on Friday’s $510M options expiry

    BTC price has been gaining momentum as it nears $24,000, and this week's options expiry could help bulls profit $200 million.

    Bitcoin derivatives show a lack of confidence from bulls

    High correlation to stock markets and recession risks limit optimism on the part of BTC investors.

    Bitcoin rallies after Fed interest rate hike, but bears can still win Friday’s $1.76B...

    BTC bears aim for a $360 million profit in July 29’s $1.76 billion monthly options expiry, but the FOMC interest rate decision could play...

    $1.26B in Ethereum options expire on Friday and bulls are ready to push ETH...

    Ethereum network developers confirmed September as the date of the upcoming Merge, a move which prompted traders to flip long on ETH.

    Ethereum options data show pro traders ready to go long into ETH’s Merge

    ETH price hit resistance at the $1,600 level, but this is not stopping options traders from opening fresh leveraged longs.

    Pro Bitcoin traders are uncomfortable with bullish positions

    BTC derivatives used by whales and market makers do not support a continuous price recovery above $24,000.

    Bulls or bears? Both have a fair chance in Friday’s Bitcoin options expiry

    BTC bulls aim to secure a $235 million profit from Friday’s BTC options expiry, but a downside move below $22,000 could nix this plan.

    Bitcoin derivatives data suggests bears will pin BTC below $21K leading in Friday’s options...

    Bitcoin’s failure to break above $22,000 on July 8 opened room for bears to score a $100 million profit in this week’s options expiry.

    2 key Ethereum derivatives metrics suggest that $880 was ETH’s bottom

    Data shows Ethereum options traders are less bearish that before, and margin-based markets recently saw some investors go ultra-long on 491,000 ETH.

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