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    Vitalik Buterin proposes stealth addresses for anonymous NFT ownership

    “You would be able to eg. send an NFT to vitalik.eth without anyone except me (the new owner) being able to see who the...

    A slice of the punk: CryptoPunk NFT to be split into 56,000 pieces

    A valuable CryptoPunk NFT is to be fractionalized as more than 56,000 addresses sign up for a share of ownership.

    Insta-rally! FLOW token jumps 50% amid Instagram adoption euphoria

    FLOW latest price rally has turned it into an "overbought" asset, which could amount to an imminent correction.

    Up in smoke: Artist Damien Hirst to burn 4,851 paintings in NFT project

    Almost half of the buyers of Hirst’s “The Currency” collection wanted to keep the NFT version.

    NFT utility to remedy ticketing dilemmas? Experts weigh-in

    The biggest pain points in events ticketing could prove to be a flagship use case of blockchain-based nonfungible tokens, according to industry leaders.

    NFT sales will fund the restoration of physical monuments in Ukraine

    “NFT will not stop Russian missiles, but blockchain technology will contribute to the economic recovery and development of Ukraine,” said Alexander Borniakov.

    Life after crypto biz: Retrenched staff ponder future in the job market

    Workers weigh up their futures in the cryptocurrency economy as tough market conditions lead to more staff cuts at prominent firms.

    New token by ConsenSys enables security audits for the highest bidder

    Security auditing is set to be tokenized by ConsenSys Diligence as TURN tokens are unveiled — creating an open market for the in-demand service.

    ApeCoin price eyes 45% rally following Otherside metaverse demo

    APE has been pursuing a rare ascending triangle reversal breakout, with its profit target at $8.40.

    3D NFT marketplace bridges three-dimensional functionality across metaverses

    A selection of leading artists and creators are set to provide novel creations and assets through the launch of the 3D NFT marketplace MetaMundo.

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