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    Amid miner capitulation, Hut 8 maintained BTC ‘HODL strategy’ in July

    Other Bitcoin miners such as Core Scientific, Argo Blockchain and Riot Blockchain have reduced their BTC holdings during the bear market.

    Argo Blockchain keeps cashing out BTC to pay the debt to Galaxy Digital

    After selling 887 Bitcoin in July, Argo cut its outstanding balance under the BTC-backed loan to just $6.72 million.

    Riot Blockchain’s Bitcoin mining productivity dropped 28% YOY amid record Texas heat

    "The company voluntarily curtailed its energy consumption in order to ensure that more power would be available in Texas,” said Riot CEO Jason Les.

    Bitcoin miners now hold a record 1.856M BTC — new data

    Miners go from sellers to hodlers again as the worst of June's capitulation phase seems to pass.

    Crypto miner Digihost plans to move rigs from New York to Alabama

    The mining firm said it aims to have a hashing capacity of 28 MW at the Alabama facility by the fourth quarter, and 55...

    Bitcoin miner capitulation due to end amid 1st difficulty increase since June

    It may be as soon as August that miners start returning, and difficulty is already planning an uptick.

    What happens when 21 million Bitcoin are fully mined? Expert answers

    Mining expert Mohamed El Masri predicts that Bitcoin will be worth around $430,500 when the last coin is minted.

    Ethereum chain split is possible after the Merge, survey finds — but will ETC price...

    Ethereum Classic is a relatively smaller PoW chain compared to Ethereum in terms of usage and hash rate.

    Ethereum Classic gets ‘endorsement’ from Vitalik Buterin, but ETC price still risks 50% crash

    ETC's ongoing price rebound looks eerily similar to a bull trap event from 2021.

    ‘Cryptojacking’ rises 30% to record highs despite crypto slump: Report

    Cryptojacking has become a lucrative choice for cybercriminals as many victims are unaware they have been compromised.

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