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    How Bitcoin whales make a splash in markets and move prices

    Are the Whales selling in this bear market? A deep dive into the on-chain data of whales.

    Interview with Kevin O’Leary: $28K Bitcoin next or lower? | Market Talks with Crypto...

    Kevin O'Leary gives his outlook on the current state of the crypto market in this exclusive live interview with Cointelegraph.

    Borrowing to buy Bitcoin: Is it ever worth the risk?

    Borrowing to buy crypto has often been advocated for by various influencers, but the consequences may be dire.

    Beyond the headlines: The real adoption of Bitcoin salaries

    Bitcoin wages are becoming more common globally, particularly among “borderless” remote workers and in certain regions like Latin America.

    Michael Saylor will step down as MicroStrategy CEO but remain as executive chair

    The soon-to-be former CEO said splitting the roles of MicroStrategy's chief executive officer and chair would help the firm pursue its strategy of "acquiring...

    Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen exits crypto startup Radkl amid bear market: Report

    The hedge fund manager was part of a $50-million funding round for NFT company Recur, and backed a $21-million round for crypto analytics firm...

    $200M BitGet BTC-USDT protection fund hints at investor-centric trend

    Bitget’s reasoning behind using a combination of a stablecoin and Bitcoin in the protection fund is to counter massive unforeseen volatility in crypto markets.

    Can blockchain be used without cryptocurrency?

    Blockchain technology supports cryptocurrencies but can also be used for supply chain tracking, identity management systems, healthcare and more.

    Crypto contagion deters investors in near term, but fundamentals stay strong

    Many experts believe that the recent slew of insolvencies may be good for the market in the long run, weeding out any weak players...

    Charles Schwab’s asset management arm launches crypto-linked ETF

    Schwab said the investment vehicle will offer exposure to firms involved in mining and staking as well as those developing blockchain-based apps or distributed...

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    Talking with Eva Kaili, VP of the European Parliament, on MiCA regulation

    The vice president of the European Parliament shares her perspective on the European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets legislation and how it would affect the...

    Indian authorities freeze more crypto funds over money laundering allegations

    The Indian Directorate of Enforcement froze $46.4 million in the accounts of Vauld’s Indian branch until the exchange can account for the criminal proceeds...

    Crypto Biz: A Futurist take on crypto

    The 2022 Blockchain Futurist conference in Toronto, Canada wrapped up this week. DeFi and institutional adoption of crypto were high on the agenda.