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Acasă Inflation


    $29K Bitcoin is closer than you might expect, according to derivatives data

    Derivatives data show a clear path to $29,000, but inflation and unemployment data will continue to be crucial to determining BTC price rallies.

    Bitcoin price sees $24K, Ethereum hits 2-month high as US inflation shrinks

    Lower than expected inflation data sparks an instant rally in crypto, while the U.S. dollar pays the price.

    Bitcoin drops to support as looming CPI print shakes up crypto and stock markets

    Traders tuck their tails as this week’s CPI print approaches and BTC and ETH price fall back into range to test underlying support.

    Fed reverse repo reaches $2.3T, but what does it mean for crypto investors?

    Investors avoid risk assets during a crisis, but excessive cash sitting in financial institutions could also be good for the cryptocurrencies.

    Bitcoin price targets 8-week highs as Ethereum reaches $1.8K

    Optimism and expectations increase around crypto markets, but U.S. inflation data looms large this week.

    Has US inflation peaked? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

    The latest U.S. inflation data is poised for release this week as Bitcoin price action spikes higher after a promising weekly close.

    Elon Musk: US ‘past peak inflation’ after Tesla sells 90% of Bitcoin

    The firm may be caught short in the event that markets have already bottomed and crypto starts to deliver serious returns again.

    What will cryptocurrency look like in 2027? Here are 5 predictions

    One year isn’t enough time to witness many fundamental changes, but five years is just enough for everything to change.

    Bitcoin fails to beat $23.4K sellers as US payrolls upend inflation debate

    BTC price action stays in familiar territory as analysts discuss the true nature of estimate-beating payroll data.

    Bitcoin bulls aim for $25K price on Friday’s $510M options expiry

    BTC price has been gaining momentum as it nears $24,000, and this week's options expiry could help bulls profit $200 million.

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