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Acasă Hash Rate

Hash Rate

    Bitcoin network difficulty drops to 27.693T as hash rate eyes recovery

    The reduced difficulty allows Bitcoin miners to confirm transactions using lower resources, enabling smaller miners a fighting chance to earn the mining rewards.

    US dominates crypto ATMs installations and BTC hash rate worldwide

    With China out of the competition, the US picked up the slack to become the highest BTC hash rate contributor — representing 37.84% of...

    Bitcoin miners believe global hash rate to grow ‘aggressively’

    Despite the price of BTC, the Bitcoin network is the strongest it’s ever been, according to industry experts.

    Ethereum hash rate scores new ATH as PoS migration underway

    The hash rate surpassed 1.11 PH/s for the first time ever, breaking the previous high of 1.08 PH/s set on Jan. 13.

    Bitcoin records all-time high network difficulty amid price fluctuations

    Data from BTC.com estimates that the network will continue to grow stronger by attaining another ATH in the next 12 days — with a...

    Bitcoin hash rate jumps to ATH as Jack Dorsey confirms Block’s mining system

    Bitcoin hash rate hits new all-time highs as Jack Dorsey tweets that Block is “officially building an open Bitcoin mining system.”

    Spanish lawmaker sees opportunity amid Kazakhstan’s Bitcoin mining collapse

    As the Bitcoin mining industry matures, it will seek stable political environments and stable energy sources.

    Top Bitcoin mining country Kazakhstan turns off internet amid protests

    The government of Kazakhstan shut down the internet after the Cabinet resigned amid major anti-government protests.

    Bitcoin mining manufacturer Canaan expands footprint in Kazakhstan

    China’s crackdown on crypto mining has allowed Kazakhstan to quickly fill the void by offering cheap fuel and a welcoming business environment.

    Bitcoin network turns 13, celebrates with new hash rate all-time high

    The Bitcoin network underwent a six-month-long rally to attain a new all-time high hash rate of 207.53 million tera hashes per second (TH/s) on...

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