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    Curve Finance exploit: Experts dissect what went wrong

    Attackers who hijacked Curve Finance’s landing page moved quickly to convert stolen funds to various tokens through different exchanges, wallets and mixers.

    Finance Redefined: Solana and Nomad bridge fall prey to exploits losing millions

    The top 100 DeFi tokens had a mixed price action over the past week, with many seeing a downturn after some bullish action last...

    Nomad announces $190 million bounty for lost funds from recent hack

    Nomad announced that it’s offering up to a 10% bounty to return funds stolen from the recent hack on the Nomad bridge on Aug....

    Solana-hacked crypto could be claimed as a tax loss: Experts

    Australian, Canadian & U.K. crypto investors may potentially claim hacked crypto as a tax loss, but U.S. investors will miss out, according to tax...

    Nomad reportedly ignored security vulnerability that led to $190M exploit

    The altcoins that were stolen in the Nomad bridge hack suffered as much as 94% decline in price after the exploit.

    Binance, KuCoin, OKX CEOs flex security amid Solana FUD storm

    Parallel to the ongoing investigations of the Solana fiasco, CZ warned investors of “an active security incident on Solana” that drained funds in SOL...

    Hacker drains $1.08M from Audius following passing of malicious proposal

    A malicious proposal (Proposal #85) requesting the transfer of 18 million Audius’ in-house AUDIO tokens worth nearly $6 million was approved by community voting.

    The biggest crypto heists of all time

    Crypto exchanges are hacked surprisingly often. A few of the biggest crypto heists that occurred in the past few years are discussed in this...

    Qubit Finance suffers $80 million loss following hack

    The addresses linked to the hack attack have managed to steal 206,809 Binance Coin from Qubit's QBridge protocol.

    NFT marketplace bug undervalues tokens, helps exploiter nab $750,000

    The NFT marketplace bug was reportedly discovered on Dec. 31, which showed transferred NFTs as listed on OpenSea.

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    Bitcoin mining revenue jumps 68.6% from the lowest-earning day of 2022

    Since July 2022, the Bitcoin ecosystem recovered across numerous determinants, including miners’ revenue in dollars, network difficulty and hash rate.

    Talking with Eva Kaili, VP of the European Parliament, on MiCA regulation

    The vice president of the European Parliament shares her perspective on the European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets legislation and how it would affect the...

    Indian authorities freeze more crypto funds over money laundering allegations

    The Indian Directorate of Enforcement froze $46.4 million in the accounts of Vauld’s Indian branch until the exchange can account for the criminal proceeds...