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Acasă ETH Price

ETH Price

    Ethereum price rises by 50% against Bitcoin in one month — but there’s a catch

    The rise in the ETH/BTC pair is painting a bearish technical pattern, hinting at a potential correction.

    Ethereum futures backwardation hints at 30% ‘airdrop rally’ ahead of the Merge

    Backwardation reflects a market condition wherein spot prices trade higher than future prices.

    Lido DAO: Ethereum’s biggest Merge staker soars 400% in July — but technicals flash...

    LDO has recently witnessed a growing bearish divergence between its price and key momentum oscillator.

    Ethereum sell-off resumes with ETH price risking another 25% decline in June

    Ether price is forming a bear pennant pattern whose profit target comes to be near $850.

    Ethereum’s bearish U-turn? ETH price momentum fades after $1.6K rejection

    Ether risks falling further below $1,350 in August as the ETH price rally is losing steam.

    Ethereum Classic soars 100% in nine days outperforming ETH as ‘the Merge’ approaches

    Ethereum's transition to proof-of-stake could be a boon for the price of Ethereum Classic.

    Bitcoin price nears critical 200-week moving average as Ethereum touches $1.5K

    The 200-week moving average keeps bulls in check, and traders are keeping quiet on the chances of a breakthrough so early.

    BTC miners ‘finally capitulating’ — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

    Bitcoin rebounds strongly off the weekly close, but for BTC miners, it may be a case of "too little too late."

    Ethereum traders gauge fakeout risks after 40% ETH price rally

    Ether price could drop by 45% because its ascending triangle breakout looks unconvincing so far.

    Polygon rallies 22% on Disney invitation euphoria — will MATIC price gains swell in...

    MATIC still awaits a decisive breakout after the Disney-led intraday rally, with the profit target sitting about 80% higher than current prices.

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