luni, iulie 26, 2021

Bitcoin traders watch $32K ahead of Friday’s $330M BTC options expiry

Bulls managed to find some momentum, but holding the $32,000 support level will determine who is the victor of Friday's $330 million BTC options...

Bitcoin traders split on $40K chances as altcoins eye potential ’80-150%’ gains

Ranging continues for BTC/USD but conditions may be right for a late surge to range highs above $40,000.

SpaceX owns Bitcoin, Elon Musk and Nic Carter believe BTC is becoming greener

Musk revealed that SpaceX owns Bitcoin and that Tesla may be close to accepting BTC payments again after looking into BTC’s sustainability.

Elon Musk says Bitcoin may have already hit his benchmark on renewable energy

"I want to do a little more diligence to confirm that the percentage of renewable energy usage is most likely at or above 50%...

Bitcoin rebounds to $31.6K but warnings of another BTC price plunge are everywhere

Bitcoin is likely not out of the woods until a definitive bottom formation has been and gone, multiple commentators say.

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Pontul zilei Jocurile Olimpice de la Tokyo. Senzaționalul David Popovici, în lupta pentru medalii

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