sâmbătă, iulie 31, 2021

How yield farming on decentralized exchanges can become less risky

DeFi brings an opportunity to access the yields unseen in traditional finance, now with the competitive risk levels.

Nifty news: Polyient marketplace, Ronaldinho drop, and a ‘staggering’ $4800 NFT sale …

Polyient is launching an NFT marketplace with DeFi features, Ronaldinho has entered the NFT market and Vitalik Buterin has digitally signed an NFT for...

Synthetix turns on layer-two alpha, launches Olympics betting on options platform

Users of the Synthetix-based Thales platform can now bet on the outcome of Olympic events.

PayPal set to launch crypto trading in the UK and may embrace DeFi

The global payments platform wants to let British customers trade crypto on its new “super app”.

Altcoins pump while traders anticipate a lower support test from Bitcoin

RUNE, QNT and PERP continue to gather strength even as analysts expect a lower support test for Bitcoin price.

Algorithmic stablecoins show promise of reducing volatility — ShapeShift

“Stablecoin experimentation is happening in real-time with billions of dollars at stake in this vast permissionless lab we call DeFi,” reads a new research...

Solana based cross-chain exchange Saber raises $7.7M to expand team and tokens

Saber has raised $7.7 million in a seeding fund round, and is rated as the second platform on Solana in terms of total locked...

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The future of DeFi is spread across multiple blockchains

As the decentralized space is growing at lightning speed, projects need to adapt to the multichain future or risk becoming irrelevant.