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    Stratis (STRAX) gains 200%+ after Sky Dream Mall metaverse and stablecoin announcement

    STRAX price bucked the market-wide bearish downtrend by rallying 200% after the team unveiled plans for a British pound stablecoin and a new metaverse.

    US govt delays enforcement of crypto broker reporting requirements: Report

    The reporting requirements, aimed at reducing the size of the tax gap, were scheduled to take effect in January 2023, with crypto firms sending...

    Citi calls out potential risks of crypto-backed mortgages and benefits of metaverse property

    "Ultimately, the cryptocurrency may be liquidated if the collateral value falls below a certain threshold, such as 35% of the property value,” said the...

    Taiwan central bank governor considers interest-free CBDC design to prevent fiat deposit flight

    "Neither of the current CBDCs in circulation, such as the Sand Dollar and the digital yuan, accrue interest on deposits," said Yang.

    British Virgin Islands court reportedly orders to liquidate 3AC

    The order reportedly came on the same date with Voyager Digital issuing a notice of default to 3AC for its failure to pay its...

    How crypto is attracting some institutional investors — Huobi Global sales head

    “I think everyone is in agreement now that crypto is going to be around for the long term,” said James Hume.

    Bitcoin’s bottom might not be in, but miners say it ‘has always made gains...

    To mine, or not to mine, that is the question. Professional Bitcoin miners discuss the nuance of BTC mining and whether now is a...

    ‘Unique phenomenon’: All 5B toncoins mined on PoS TON blockchain

    The TON blockchain has always been proof-of-stake, while the mining of toncoin began “spontaneously and randomly” in 2020, according to the TON Foundation.

    Are custodied crypto funds at risk? Industry veterans explain

    Investments under custody are usually very safe, until the accountability of the custodian is called into question.

    ECB exclusive: Crypto payments ‘not currently cost effective,’ Amex exec says

    The American Express executive said that their firm is bullish on crypto and is actively working to incorporate more crypto-related services in the future....

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    CoinFlex CEO says withdrawals unlikely to resume on Thursday

    CoinFlex CEO Mark Lamb said more time was needed before the exchange can reopen its platform for user withdrawals.

    Contagion: Genesis faces huge losses, BlockFi’s $1B loan, Celsius’s risky model

    A leaked investor call from Morgan Creek Digital suggests BlockFi liquidated 3AC for $1 billion, while Celsius reportedly maintained a highly risky assets-to-equity ratio...

    After 8 years dumping billions of XRP, Jed McCaleb’s stack runs out in weeks

    Jed McCaleb, the former co-founder and CTO of Ripple Labs has mere weeks left until his XRP balance reaches zero.