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    Tech trade group calls for regulatory clarity, claiming crypto job losses threaten US interests

    “It’s time to move the crypto policy debate from "we need regulation" to 'what are the impacts of specific regulatory proposals?’” said Chamber of...

    Fossils vs. Renewables, PoW vs. PoS: Key policy issues around crypto mining in the...

    A recent meetup on the Capitol Hill highlighted several key debates that will define the mining industry’s development in the years to come.

    U.S. Congressman wants to scrub bill provision that crypto advocates say is a potential...

    Representative Ted Budd stated that the provision would let the Treasury unilaterally prohibit certain financial transactions without public input.

    White House reportedly preparing executive order on crypto

    The Biden Administration is expected to issue an order that would make government agencies begin conducting risk analysis on cryptocurrency as a national security...

    House members urge US Treasury Secretary to clarify definition of broker in infrastructure law

    “We must ensure requirements imposed on the digital asset ecosystem are both crafted and implemented in such a way to ensure the United States...

    U.S. Congressman calls for ‘Broad, bipartisan consensus’ on important issues of digital asset policy

    Representative McHenry is convinced that Congress should take crypto regulation away from executive agencies and courts.

    House members call for an end to lawmakers trading stocks — is crypto next?

    "This would end the potential corruption of lawmakers pursuing policy outcomes that benefit their portfolios,” said 27 members of the U.S. House of Representatives...

    Lawmakers explore Bitcoin mining efficiency, broader crypto policy issues during Congress hearing

    While we are unlikely to see immediate policy effects of the exchange, legislators got educated on a wide array of blockchain-related concepts and issues.

    Former pro-crypto CoC Brian Brooks to testify in a House hearing on the energy...

    Crypto allies dominate the list of witnesses slated to appear before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

    Early birds: U.S. legislators invested in crypto and their digital asset politics

    United States lawmakers remain underinvested in crypto, but this is likely to change in 2022.

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    Bitcoin mining revenue jumps 68.6% from the lowest-earning day of 2022

    Since July 2022, the Bitcoin ecosystem recovered across numerous determinants, including miners’ revenue in dollars, network difficulty and hash rate.

    Talking with Eva Kaili, VP of the European Parliament, on MiCA regulation

    The vice president of the European Parliament shares her perspective on the European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets legislation and how it would affect the...

    Indian authorities freeze more crypto funds over money laundering allegations

    The Indian Directorate of Enforcement froze $46.4 million in the accounts of Vauld’s Indian branch until the exchange can account for the criminal proceeds...