luni, august 2, 2021

Bitcoin hash rate rebounds as major miners are coming back online

Restrictions in China have forced homegrown Bitcoin miners to move out to crypto-friendly nations such as Canada, Kazakhstan and the United States.

EU entrusts $30M to new blockchain and digital assets fund

The European Investment Fund invested $30 million in a new $120 million blockchain and digital assets fund, highlighting the sector’s “strategic importance” for the...

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JO 2020: Programul sportivilor din România în ziua de marți, 3 august

România va fi reprezentată de sportivii săi în cadrul a patru discipline, iar speranțele cele mai mari pentru o medalie vin din partea gimnastei...

3 reasons why Ethereum can hit $3K in the short term despite overvaluation risks

Ethereum risks bearish exposure as ETH price rises against falling volumes, but three crucial on-chain indicators suggest a dissenting scenario.

Blockchain identity market to grow $3.58B by 2025, report claims

A new forecast for the global blockchain identity management market expects growth at a compound annual growth rate of almost 71% during 2021-25.