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    Web3 helps Taiwan secure information against cyberattacks

    In an effort against Chinese cyberattacks, Taiwan employs Web3 technology for decentralized file sharing post-Pelosi visit.

    Chinese municipal bank issues first-ever digital yuan loan using intellectual property as collateral

    The unnamed recipient of the loan said the e-CNY transaction was fast and efficient; they received an equivalent of 500,000 CNY, which was $74,020...

    Bitcoin price clips $23K on Pelosi Taiwan visit as trading range persists

    The status quo sees a challenge from U.S.-China tensions as key levels remain in play for bulls.

    Tether says it holds zero Chinese commercial paper, denies 85% exposure

    Tether reports that its total commercial paper exposure has been cut to $3.7 billion from $30 billion just one year ago.

    Official explains why China CBDC should not be as anonymous as cash

    While cash is associated with more anonymity, it’s still less mobile and easy to use in large amounts than a digital currency, China’s CBDC...

    Resistance is futile! 3 reasons why Bitcoin mining will never go away

    Numerous governments have tried to ban Bitcoin mining, but data and insights from those in the mining industry suggest that this is easier said...

    Over a quarter of Asian Pacific ‘emerging giant’ startups tied to blockchain: Report

    A KPMG/HSBC survey finds NFTs and DeFi are more popular with Asian Pacific big startups than EV charging, quantum computing and a host of...

    Pro Bitcoin traders are uncomfortable with bullish positions

    BTC derivatives used by whales and market makers do not support a continuous price recovery above $24,000.

    Two Bitcoin price prediction polls, same outcome: $10K BTC is coming

    While a classic technical indicator could be hinting at BTC price falling below $13,000 as well.

    More than 2.6 million users signed up for the City of Shenzhen’s digital yuan...

    The city has about 18 million residents in its prefecture-level area.

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    Talking with Eva Kaili, VP of the European Parliament, on MiCA regulation

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    Indian authorities freeze more crypto funds over money laundering allegations

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