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Acasă BTC Price

BTC Price

    Bitcoin battles 2-month resistance amid ‘most hated’ stocks rally

    Risk assets surge higher after U.S. inflation data, but belief in a sustained uptrend emerging is hardly anywhere to be seen.

    Bitcoin price sees $24K, Ethereum hits 2-month high as US inflation shrinks

    Lower than expected inflation data sparks an instant rally in crypto, while the U.S. dollar pays the price.

    Bitcoin braces for US inflation data as CPI nerves halt BTC price gains

    Another surprise inflation increase could make things "ugly" for crypto markets, one trader warns, with hours left before the CPI release.

    Bitcoin dominance hits 6-month lows as metric proclaims new ‘alt season’

    BTC currently makes up 41% of the total crypto market cap — its smallest market share since January.

    Bitcoin realized price bands form key resistance as bulls lose $24K

    Significant whale activity between $22,000 and $24,800 adds to the complexity of the current spot market setup.

    Bitcoin price targets 8-week highs as Ethereum reaches $1.8K

    Optimism and expectations increase around crypto markets, but U.S. inflation data looms large this week.

    Has US inflation peaked? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

    The latest U.S. inflation data is poised for release this week as Bitcoin price action spikes higher after a promising weekly close.

    Ethereum price rises by 50% against Bitcoin in one month — but there’s a catch

    The rise in the ETH/BTC pair is painting a bearish technical pattern, hinting at a potential correction.

    Bitcoin price: weekend volatility ‘expected’ with $22K level to hold

    BTC/USD could hit $30,000 if the current daily trend of higher highs and lows continues, one trader says as the market avoids weekend losses.

    Bitcoin fails to beat $23.4K sellers as US payrolls upend inflation debate

    BTC price action stays in familiar territory as analysts discuss the true nature of estimate-beating payroll data.

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