luni, august 2, 2021

Greenidge Generation will use BTC mining profits to build solar farm

According to the mining firm, it aims to create high-tech jobs for residents and support local businesses with the solar farm.

Bitcoin hash rate rebounds as major miners are coming back online

Restrictions in China have forced homegrown Bitcoin miners to move out to crypto-friendly nations such as Canada, Kazakhstan and the United States.

Massive government spending accelerating crypto adoption: Sen. Cynthia Lummis

Senator Cynthia Lummis said that inflation and massive government spending is accelerating the adoption of digital assets.

BIT Mining steps up Bitcoin mining operations in Kazakhstan

The mining firm's expansion into Kazakhstan follows plans to introduce new energy fees for crypto miners starting in 2022.

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Saudi Aramco dismisses ‘false and inaccurate’ rumors on Bitcoin mining

Saudi's biggest oil exporter denied claims of involvement in Bitcoin mining activities but continues to bet on blockchain-focused businesses.

JO 2020: Probleme mari – Care este starea de sănătate a Larisei Iordache înainte...

Larisa Iordache va lupta pentru medalie în finala de marți de la bârnă la JO Tokyo 2020, dar veștile venite din capitala Japoniei nu...

Brand executive posts discounted Utah home listing for Dogecoin

The influencer marketer says prospective buyers can get 10% off the listing price of his house listing if payment is made in Dogecoin.