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    Fed demands Voyager remove ‘false’ claims deposits are FDIC insured

    The Fed and FDIC allege that Voyager “made various representations online" that its funds were FDIC insured.

    After weeks of rumors, Thai crypto exchange Zipmex files for bankruptcy in Singapore

    It appears the firm's fortune took a turn to the worst via its exposure to troubled crypto lending service Babel Finance.

    FTX proposes a way to give Voyager Digital clients some of their digital assets...

    FTX is proposing to buy out all Voyager Digital digital assets and digital asset loans, except loans to Three Arrows Capital, which would remain...

    Crypto lender Vauld seeks protection against creditors: Report

    The crypto exchange, which is backed by Peter Thiel and Coinbase, halted withdrawals in July following an apparent run on its assets.

    Source claims 3AC’s Deribit exposure is worth much less than reported

    The creditors of Three Arrows Capital may be left holding the bag, according to a source who claims the hedge fund's exposure to Deribit...

    Crypto Biz: 3AC’s founders are nowhere to be found

    Liquidators don't know the whereabouts of Kyle Davies and Su Zhu. Meanwhile, Grayscale's legal officer says the asset manager's lawsuit against the SEC could...

    Voyager can’t guarantee all customers will receive their crypto under proposed recovery plan

    The crypto lending firm said that the exact amount reimbursed to users will “depend on what happens in the restructuring process and the recovery...

    Crypto Biz: Crypto broker goes bankrupt, Bitcoin miner capitulates and China VC funding soars

    As the search for an elusive Bitcoin bottom continues, at least one United States miner was forced to liquidate a portion of its holdings...

    FDIC reportedly scrutinizing Voyager Digital marketing; complex SBF ties come to light

    Some Voyager Digital customers did not understand the scope of FDIC protection for their deposits, leading to questions about the firm’s marketing.

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