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Acasă Bank of Russia

Bank of Russia

    ‘Token will defeat cryptocurrency’: Russia debuts palladium-backed stablecoin

    Backed by a sanctioned Russian oligarch, Atomyze became Russia’s first legal digital asset manager, obtaining registration from the central bank in February 2022.

    The Moscow Exchange is a good base for crypto trading, Russian lawmaker says

    MOEX is likely to do a great job in launching a crypto trading division due to its full compliance with the rules of the...

    Russia houses $200B worth of crypto, Kremlin estimates

    According to data from TASS news services, Russians owned nearly 5 trillion rubles worth of cryptocurrencies by December 2021.

    Law Decoded: Russia flounders, America competes, IMF keeps fuming, Jan. 24–31

    Uncertainty about crypto regulation can engender internal disagreement even within seemingly monolithic governments.

    Central bank overkill: Russia’s proposed crypto ban and why everyone’s against it

    The harsh language of the CBR’s report sent waves of panic, but now it seems that the regulator might have few allies in the...

    Russian finance ministry official calls for crypto regulation, not restriction

    The Russian Finance Ministry official Ivan Chebeskov has opposed the proposed ban of cryptocurrency operations in Russia.

    Owner of Russian bank Tinkoff acquires Swiss digital asset firm

    Russian banks have been increasingly moving into the digital asset market despite the Bank of Russia's hostility toward crypto.

    Binance taps former central bank exec to push compliance in CIS and Russia

    Binance makes another major strategic move in one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency miner regions.

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    Indian authorities freeze more crypto funds over money laundering allegations

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