luni, august 2, 2021

There’s no reason not to hold Bitcoin for 100 years, Michael Saylor says

Nobody is in a hurry with Bitcoin, according to Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor: "We're thinking that it's the future of the property."

Square to acquire Australian fintech Afterpay in $29B deal

Square will acquire Australian fintech firm Afterpay in a $29 billion stock deal, expecting to close the transaction in Q1 2022.

PayPal reportedly assembling crypto team in Ireland as Bitcoin adoption grows

The new hires will help PayPal expand its crypto-focused business offering at a time of rapid adoption of Bitcoin and Ether.

DeFi in style? Here’s how women can break into the game

As hard as it is for women to enter the DeFi space, several notable women give their perspectives on their goals and aspirations in...

5 easy ways crypto investors can make money without needing to trade

Want to get paid to HODL? Here are five easy ways crypto investors make money without trading.

GoldenTree Asset Management is reportedly investing in Bitcoin

At least three executives at the $45 billion firm have participated in a funding round for the blockchain-focused VC group Borderless Capital.

We have to be in the crypto space, Mastercard CEO says

Mastercard is angling to become the go-to for governments and private entities when testing and rolling out central bank digital currencies or stablecoins.

Bitcoin inheritance tool to use cloud service by Russian Sberbank

A new project in Russia aims to enable secure storage of inherited digital possessions like Bitcoin using a cloud-based service of state-owned Sberbank.

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NFTs are next for enterprise Ethereum, says ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin

NFTs are getting enterprises excited about the future of finance, but regulations are still needed to reach mainstream adoption.

JO 2020: Programul sportivilor din România în ziua de marți, 3 august

România va fi reprezentată de sportivii săi în cadrul a patru discipline, iar speranțele cele mai mari pentru o medalie vin din partea gimnastei...

3 reasons why Ethereum can hit $3K in the short term despite overvaluation risks

Ethereum risks bearish exposure as ETH price rises against falling volumes, but three crucial on-chain indicators suggest a dissenting scenario.